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Release Notes

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Quick Trade Ninja v2.0.7(Beta)

Release Date:

Mar 4, 2023


  • Added "Flatten or Partial Close" as a new Quick Action template.  This will allow creating buttons or hotkeys to Flatten All Connected Accounts, Flatten Current Account, Flatten Current Instrument, or Partial Close a position by specifying a percentage of position to close or a specific quantity to close.

  • Added support for up to 3 stop/target levels within Quick Actions.  Specify the level the Quick Action should relate to in the Connect To Order setting.

  • Added the option to draw a horizontal line instead of placing/updating an order.  Select HorizontalLine in the Connect To Order setting.

  • Added the ability to specify a BarCloseUp or BarCloseDown condition to be applied with the Auto-Trigger setting.  Auto-Trigger will only fire if the previous bar closes in alignment with this condition.

  • Added more customization to Auto-Trigger settings including the ability to choose when the Auto-Trigger should be disabled

Quick Trade Ninja v2.0.6 (Beta)

Release Date:

Aug 13, 2022


  • Added "NinjaScript Toggle" as a new Quick Action template.  This will allow creating multiple buttons that can be referenced as true/false values in any NinjaScript.  For example, a NinjaScript strategy could have an "Enabled", "Long", and "Short" buttons to add discretionary control to the strategy

  • Added option to use hot key to enable/disable Auto Trigger buttons or NinjaScript Toggle buttons

  • Added option to use ATM default quantity when creating Quick Action to update selected ATM strategy

Quick Trade Ninja v2.0.5 (Beta)

Release Date:

Jun 29, 2022


  • Set a custom ATM for each individual Quick Action by choosing in the "ATM Strategy" setting, or leave as "Use Chart Trader ATM" (default)

  • Removed indicators from Data Box

Quick Trade Ninja v2.0.4 (Beta)

Release Date:

May 28, 2022


  • Create Quick Actions to update the chart trader quantity by choosing "Update Chart Trader Quantity" as the Template Name

  • Set a custom quantity for each individual Quick Action by choosing "CustomQuantity" in the Quantity Option setting

  • Dynamic Offset - Range - allows for the bar range to be used as an offset value

  • Fixed Modify Towards Last Price Only for limit orders

  • Fixed issue with order quantity over 999 contracts.

  • Made the default ON Button Color different than default OFF Button Color

Quick Trade Ninja v2.0.3 (Beta)

Release Date:

May 10, 2022


  • Allow entry orders to function the same as stop/target orders when using the Auto Trigger functionality by not disabling the action automatically after being triggered.

  • Fixed issue that would ocassionally cause the order line to flash yellow.

Quick Trade Ninja v2.0.2 (Beta)

Release Date:

Apr 15, 2022


  • Add new settings for the Auto Trigger functionality when used with Target and Stop orders.

  • When to Begin Triggering - This setting determines if the action should trigger immediately when enabled, or if it should trigger on the next bar.

  • Trigger Once Per Bar - If this option is selected, the trigger will only fire once at the beginning of each new bar.

Quick Trade Ninja v2.0.1 (Beta)

Release Date:

Mar 18, 2022


  • Include NumPad keys as available options for hotkeys.  Note that these keys will only work with Ctrl as the first hotkey because of Windows keyboard limitations.

Quick Trade Ninja v2.0

Release Date:

Jan 11, 2022

Watch a video explaining these updates here.

Click Trader

  • "All Stop/Target Change Key" now supports an unlimited number of Stop/Target levels.

  • Add StopLimit Offset for StopLimit entry orders

  • Reorganized settings and updated help text

Quick Actions

  • Auto-trigger functionality

  • Dynamic Stop order types

  • Button Panel Number to assign to specific Button Panel

  • Open entry order behavior

  • StopLimit Offset for StopLimit entry orders

  • Stops/Targets from all ATM levels will be moved

  • Renamed Offset Type "Profit" option to "Position Aware" for clarity

  • Reorganized settings and updated help text

Quick Action Button Panel

  • Added "Button Panel Number" to correspond with the Quick Action setting.  Allows for multiple button panels

  • Reorganized settings and updated help text

Quick Trade Ninja v1.05

Release Date:

Nov 16, 2021

Watch a video explaining these updates here.

Quick Action Button Panel

  • Added a separate indicator for chart trader button organization

  • Button panel will maintain button order based on the order of Quick Actions configured in the indicator menu

  • Can adjust number of buttons per row

  • Button panels can be placed above the ATM selector window or below

Quick Trade Ninja v1.04

Release Date:

Jun 1, 2021

Watch a video explaining these updates here.

Daily Goal Quick Action Template

  • Automatically calculates ticks needed to reach a daily goal including commissions and realized P&L

Quick Action Button Customizations

  • Change button height, font color, font size

  • Choose between placing a button below the P&L window or below the ATM Strategy dropdown

Click Trader multiple stops/targets

  • Assign different hotkeys to each level of stop/target orders for multiple bracket ATM

Quick Action max positions setting 

  • Define the max number of open positions desired to allow for add-on positions with a Quick Action

Quick Action and Click Trader OCO option

  • Setting to allow entry orders to be submitted as OCO(One Cancels Other) orders 

Minor enhancements/fixes

Quick Trade Ninja v1.03

Release Date:

Dec 21, 2020

  • Fixed issue when trading multiple instruments on different charts with Quick Trade Ninja

  • Minor enhancemants/fixes

Quick Trade Ninja v1.02

Release Date:

Dec 19, 2020

  • Added section in the setup screen to agree to Terms and Services before using Quick Trade Ninja

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